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Discussion in 'Reputation Forum' started by Wrath, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Wrath

    Wrath DARKLY Middleman

    "Want to trade?" - Docent V.I. Suslov

    I don't give a flying POOTIS for this as TF2 Trading got complicated as much as it was, now it is a mad world. Her Honor still presides over my case of hate against trading while the jury is still out deciding why I'm still doing this.

    |steamID: {GCC}Dracowolf
    |steamID32: STEAM_0:0:30129880
    |steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020525488
    |customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dracowolf
    |steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198020525488

    I'm a Dracowolf, that cooks maggots (Black Box), loves Team Fortress, and consumes the remaining carcasses of others, dead or alive.


    I have yet to actually open a crate and pull an Unusual, but I do heavy trading at times to get items I fancy or would like to stuff in my sac and see how musty it becomes (Being a TFC player, some items that are contributed to TF2 remind me of the old days so much I must have it. :shiteatinggrin:)
    Down to Trading, I go by the current market price, which results in the usage of multiple guides and spreadsheets out on the web, usually preferring to stick to a price that averages out of all the results polled. I am not good at making offers as I value a cinnamon bun more than I value a whole cheesecake. Yes, I am that bad at making offers. STOP ASKING ME TO.
    I have done ever since three years ago when I started trading, assisted in trades that require dosh or some form of bottle caps that is not available on then early TF2 Trading and prior to that with Games, thus leading me to adopt the usage of MiddleDracolf services. I have done this without reputation, credit and experience on DGN in the past and became tagged as a DGN Middlemann on [+]SteamRep's site almost a year after going unnoticed. Or so I thought. I am now currently (and the only) dual-tagged Middleman, second community presiding over me being skial.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ Read below for MM ~~~~~~~~~~~
    I have relocated the Coaching Guide to skial as the sub section this thread used to be in no longer exists and a proper hub for feedback/reputation was established.

    You can find the guide here: http://www.skial.com/posts/387703/

    Unless @jakksilves complains that is.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ End of MM Info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Some notes you might want to be aware of:

    I take gaming far more seriously than I do this service, mainly because I am here to game, not to sit around and barter like the New York Stock Exchange.

    Don't be surprised if I ignore your invite(s) several times. Most common reason is that your account is either too young or too suspicious for me to feel comfortable trading with.

    If you need to ask me something and cannot do so on Steam, please send me a private message here on DARKLY, or leave a reply on my skial thread as there is no 'Middleman' hub here in DARKLY.

    If I tell you to do something, for fuck's sake, don't question it. It takes half a nano-second to fall into a variety of scams that will cause you to lose your goods.

    If you ran my URL on SteamRep, and checked it again after we greeted each other, why are you asking me questions that can be found here, skial, or SR?

    By sending me a trade invite, you unconditionally agree not to give me a hard time, waste my time and waive your right to cry, bitch and moan.

    Failure to note the note above, will result in my foot up your ass and a kick from my friend list.

    My time spent being used by you is free of charge, gratuity while not requested, is defiantly appreciated! [​IMG]

    Thanks DARKLY Gaming Network!
    I have two additional feedback/quality/rapport trackers, one over on skial and one on DOTA2Traders. You can comment on those sites as additions to the supplementation of replies made this thread. Please be mindful of the rules on those sites before posting.

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  2. Voryn15

    Voryn15 I'm New Here

    Middle maned a backpack sale for cash for me, Everything went great and he walked me through my first cash trade A+ and Thanks again.
  3. MoThЕяLaИd™

    MoThЕяLaИd™ I'm New Here

    Middleman'd a very large trade. No problems at all. Quick and easy. I couldn't reccomend him more! +Rep
  4. Nammex

    Nammex I'm New Here

    +REP Great Middleman! Very enjoyable to talk to :) everything went so smooth that you can literally slip and fall.... you get what i mean lol
  5. Get Silly

    Get Silly I'm New Here

    +REP What a wonderful middleman. Very patient when the other person had paypal issues. Would recommend.
  6. logtcn

    logtcn I'm New Here

    Middle maned a clean HOUWAR trade for me, really patient and helpful person.
  7. ♠ Sir Dilkinson

    ♠ Sir Dilkinson I'm New Here

    What a middlemann! Did one for 13 keys for me everything was quick and smooth, would do it again 100 times over, thanks:)
  8. ilhoudne

    ilhoudne I'm New Here

    He middlemanned twice for me for cash, and helped me a lot with these type of exchange. I highly recommend him, very patient and polite guy.
  9. Nammex

    Nammex I'm New Here

    +Rep for middlemanning another cash trade for me. Highly recommended you use and tip him :)
  10. iJokerZ

    iJokerZ I'm New Here

    +++++ my beloved middleman!!!
  11. uncut

    uncut I'm New Here

    ++rep, I bought 40 keys from a trader and he was the middleman.
    I am really new with that and he was very very patient!
    Thank you !!!
  12. 007.ZeeZee

    007.ZeeZee I'm New Here

    helped us with trade, all went well. Gonna use this middleman in future. Peace out.
  13. BynoPyny

    BynoPyny I'm New Here

    +rep, MM'd my PaySafe trade of one bud! My first cash trade, went super smooth!
  14. AMOKS

    AMOKS I'm New Here

    +rep, This fine gentlemen oversaw a paypal trade involving me buying 29 keys, very helpful, and very very patient (:
    Thankyou once again (:
  15. AMOKS

    AMOKS I'm New Here

    +rep, Once again, oversaw a paypal trade, this time for 150 keys, couldn't ask for anything else (:
    Thanks man :)
  16. Results May Vary

    Results May Vary I'm New Here

    + rep. Middleman'd for the trade with AMOKS for the 150 keys. Thanks again!
  17. AMOKS

    AMOKS I'm New Here

    +rep, This wonderful gentleman once again helped me out, I sold 1 bud for paypal, everything was perfect (:
  18. AMOKS

    AMOKS I'm New Here

    +rep, Just can't get rid of this guy ;) he helped out again in a 34 key deal, as you would expect, no problemo :)
  19. Simo

    Simo I'm New Here

    +rep, Just met this guy ;) he helped out to get rid of 34 keys, as you would expect, nicely done :)
  20. AMOKS

    AMOKS I'm New Here

    + more rep :D, Middlemanned again for me, I was buying 5 buds with paypal, thanks man :)
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