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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (news.)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mac_OS-X, Sep 11, 2017.

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  1. Mac_OS-X

    Mac_OS-X A Little Darkly

    Hello all, You may or may not know me, but that isn't important. As the movie reference in the title states that I have good, bad, and ugly news. For a while now, I have been very absent from the darkly server. I have a reason that isn't the cliché: "My account was hacked" or "I moved on to another game". My news is more serious and a topic not worth joking about, so I will try to keep this very formal and straightforward, and give nothing but the truth. My explanation is that I have gotten melanoma skin cancer, My survival rate is currently 85%, and that's if It doesn't spread to my lymph nodes. I will continue to be absent from both the discord and the darkly servers trying to fight this off and survive. If I am online on steam it is more than likely my younger brother; BlasterBoy56, playing on my account, but if I do get the chance to log on, I will try to give a status update on my current situation, but there is no promises that I can. If I don't return, I would like to leave off on a rather positive note; that playing on darkly is an experience words can not begin to describe, I consider darkly my digital "family", and this "family" has given me experiences both good and bad. From having one on one chats with civ, paying along with the inside joke of "Mac likes duck dick" with haze, being known as the dumbass as the group. Even if you weren't mention The list goes on and on about why I consider most of you my family and my friends. It has been well worth the time I have put into the game to play on darkly with you amazing people. When I first joined darkly, I was any average person just playing for fun. Soon the epic people of the server taught me the ways of the darkly and brought me where I am today; The unofficial, one and only, Darkly's Dumbass. Each of you have made my gaming experience all the more better. Like an ice-cream on a hot summer day, this post needs to be cleaned up. So without further ado, I leave with my story of why I will be gone for a while.

    Don't forget the dumbass, and stay goofy.
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  2. PointsofAuthority

    PointsofAuthority DARKLY Regular


    i wish you the best of luck Mac, im sorry if you ever felt like I or anyone else bullied you, but we were just giving you shit and joking with you.

    if you ever need someone to talk to, hit me up in PM
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  3. Mac_OS-X

    Mac_OS-X A Little Darkly

    thank you points, and I don't mind the joking, and I will PM you when I get the chance.
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  4. Shotgun Jesus

    Shotgun Jesus Professional Cocksucker Staff Member

  5. AbsolD

    AbsolD I'm New Here

    Mac, though I've likely never spoken a word to you (which would be difficult anyway, since I'm too lazy to set up a mic), you're part of the fabric of Darkly that keeps me signing on week after week. For some reason, reading this post is more sobering to me than if I'd heard this about a coworker or colleague. Perhaps it's the nature of online gaming; when we're online, we're usually only there when life isn't otherwise getting in the way, so we don't see the rough side of life. Knowing this is happening to you is a tear in the otherwise utopian vision I'm realizing that I've maintained of online gaming.

    But i'm rambling. I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong, and I look forward to seeing your name as the most-recently-connected-and-preventing-me-from-signing-in-because-there's-a-$@&$-slot-reservation (yes, you've blocked me a couple of times!) for many years to come.

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