Small TokyoBay Dinner Meet - Who's down? (It's in OAKVILLE)

Discussion in 'Community Events' started by TurboTaco, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco TD Admin

    Hey guys, @ Scotland Yard, we wuz talking bout meetin up sometime in feb. to have dinner @ Tokyo Bay.

    I want to meet Shotty Jesus, so SJ when is the best time for ya? I'll be back in London Feb 6 - 11 I think. I prob will come back by Feb 12 and be in Mississauga for at least a week or two again thereafter.

    I know there were a few people who were down. The booths can fit about 6-8 people so yea, can't be a huge group.


    1. Me
    2. SJ
    3. 35 + 1 (Wife)
    4. LB
    5. Narf
    6. Remy (Needs ride)
    7. Fork
    8. Mandy (May need ride)
    9. Drew

    - Mandy? R u gonna go?

    Either way, lemme know if anyone is interested. If there is more than 8, we could prob get 2 booths or something. Depends on how many.

    Lets get this thing set up! My time here is running low
  2. td|35mm

    td|35mm TD Admin

    I'm in ... depends a lot on the date. So you guys decide and let me know. And I'll be +1.

    Oh and some address will be helpful.
  3. Cock

    Cock Cockilicious Staff Member

    I'm down if my schedule works out.
  4. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco TD Admin

    It depends more on SJ. He says sometime last week of February? That might work for me too. When he posts a more 'for sure' time, we can try to roll with that.

    Here is a google map of Tokyo Bay:

    It is in Oakville. BTW, while we will drink, lets try not to get rowdy drunk there. We CAN go to a pub somewhere in oakville after, there are some nice lookin ones i have never been to yet.
  5. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco TD Admin

    oh, and since most of us are fatties, we typically will only be able to seat 6 @ a booth me thinks. But like I said, easy to reserve 2 booths next to one another
  6. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco TD Admin

    Weekdays don't work for you guys? It is just dinner too

    SJ is thinkin Feb 26 if u guys are unavailable for weekday time
  7. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

    im down for whenever
  8. mandy

    mandy TD Member

    I'm down depending on what day
  9. Shotgun Jesus

    Shotgun Jesus Professional Cocksucker Staff Member

    The 26th would be best.

    Although, my weekends are pretty packed this and next month before I take off again. I'm pretty sure I can manage that day/night for a couple of hours.
  10. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco TD Admin

    k, updated OP

    date currently set for FEB. 26th (SAT) for DINNAH!!!!!!
  11. HooB.wg

    HooB.wg Hacking Faggot

    Is this place in Toronto?
  12. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco TD Admin

  13. Cock

    Cock Cockilicious Staff Member

    Arrrrg can't go on that day -.-
  14. Remy

    Remy TD Member / Gay Gyoza

    Save me a far away from the TV as possibre....Im down as long as i get a ride.
  15. Narf!

    Narf! TD Admin

    I'm down fo sho homies
  16. Fork Included

    Fork Included TD Admin

  17. td|35mm

    td|35mm TD Admin


    3. 35 (hasn't replied just yet)


    You blind? Is second post, right after yours lol :)
  18. Remy

    Remy TD Member / Gay Gyoza


    3. 35 (hasn't replied just yet)


    You blind? Is second post, right after yours lol :)

    Hey broskis no need to get all racist now, calling an asian blind, as if we dont have enough to deal with.

    He posted a Date which you didnt confirm btw <3

    As for address

    -here's the address link Remy broke the thread with but Narf fixed-

    EDIT by Narf: Oh, and you're welcome.
  19. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco TD Admin

    When is the best time for you guys? I was thinkin 7 or 730 ish?
  20. SiR-DreW

    SiR-DreW TD Member

    Sounds good to me.
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