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  1. Hopefully almost everyone who is dealing in higher risk trades, or trades involving money or something outside of normal TF2 items knows what a Reputation Thread is and how it works. If not, it's quite simple which I will explain below.
    • Subject line should be uniform with your name, example: Jakk's Reputation Thread
    • Body should contain any information you'd like, such as current selling offers, shop information...but it must include somewhere in the lines a section with your SteamID64 profile link, or if you prefer, your SteamRep information. Example: or
      |steamID: DARKLY | Jakk
      |steamID32: STEAM_0:1:44479885
    • Reputation should be for only goods, trades or services conducted, what is not acceptable is leaving reputation for no reason. Example: +rep
      • Also, a short description is preferred, such as for example: +rep, bought buds via PayPal, used a MiddleMan, friendly and professional. Longer descriptions are a plus.
    • If you need to open a discussion with someone, please make a thread in the Trade Discussion, we'd prefer not to clean up comments that are off-topic. Repeat offenses can result in a removal.
    • Keep in mind that posting false/invalid reputation can risk a ban that will not be removed, a mark that will not be removed. If you are marked for scamming, your thread will be locked and you will be banned permanently.
    If a user has scammed you and has a reputation thread here, please take the time to report it, in addition if you are going to post on their thread that they scammed you.

    As always, use good judgement in your actions and ensure you think clearly before proceeding in any trade, always verify who you are trading with by running their information in a SteamRep search. Check their Profile, check their thread, check their profile on Steam, be aware that some traders will go to extreme lengths to scam, defraud you and relieve you of your most prized possessions, do not take the risk, no amount of items or monies is worth the negligence of ignoring the warning signs or neglecting to conduct a background check.


    Funny Quote:
    Report all known cases of scamming! Do not let the thieves hide behind your backs! They bring stolen, unidentified, marked items from their victims that are highly dangerous for reputation health and trading life! Only with your help can we eliminate this hideous phenomenon! Do not put your lives and the lives of your friends at risk for the sake of dubious profit!

    ©original posts. Spec. Thanks to Diego, HelenAngel, DataStorm, ShotgunJesus, Wrath and others that contributed to their content, outside of DGN. All credit and any rights reserved and due to their respective owners
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  2. The same person can and is allowed to provide feedback more than once, if separate instances for example, a trade on Sunday was conducted and feedback was given, then a week later another trade takes place. It is one feedback upwards or downwards per trade. (Two if the trader in question was a middleman, then the buyer and seller owe the MM reputation.)
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  3. A reminder to all:

    'Profile rep' is useless, meaningless and should not be used to gauge someone's credibility. Please do not encourage users to leave 'comments' on other traders profiles. Use a DARKLY Reputation thread, or any other from a credible trading site, examples include SourceOP,, SteamTrades, etc.

    I have noticed Lounge Rep (CSGOL / D2L) is also being used as 'cash rep'. It has never been and never will be credible. See:
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