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new computer!

Discussion in 'Technology' started by swan, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. swan

    swan DARKLY Regular

    hey, so my iMac crapped out on me after a glorious 4 years together. the hard drive is physically shot. Now, they want to charge me ~$300 for replacing it ($233 part/$40 labour), but I was talking to my brother and he says it's possible to find a replacement drive for ~$100 and replace it myself.

    does anyone have any experience with this or know a good place to find mac hard drives?

    my other option is try to kijiji this shit for $500 and take the money, spend it on building a PC.

    in that case, can anyone recommend some good parts? my budget looks like $800-1000.

  2. Steve

    Steve TD Admin | Bacon

    whats the part number
  3. Cock

    Cock Cockilicious Staff Member

    Okaaaaaay, So it's a 2010? any idea what the processor speed was?

    It's just a SATA drive any SATA drive however................... the iMac models in 2009, 2010 and 2011 have a thermal senor on them which means you need to by-pass that sensor unless you want the iMac sounding like a jet airplane.

    use these guides.
    and if you can't find what the EMC # is go here.

    Good Luck, and go buy some suction cups now.
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  4. Cock

    Cock Cockilicious Staff Member

    Also too bad you don't live in Toronto, I could have done this all for you :rivetingtale:
  5. TinanaBoa

    TinanaBoa DARKLY Regular

    Try any local computer store.
    Canadacomputers, Tiger usually have sales on. I bought a new 1Tb last week for $80 but better to go with Western Digital if you have to pick a brand.
    Might also suggest buying a SSD drive 120Gb or 240GB.
    If your current hard drive is still semi functional, you can try cloning it so you don't have to reinstall the OS,program etc.
  6. swan

    swan DARKLY Regular

    here's the stats i got from apple:
    IMAC (21.5-INCH, MID 2010)
    Serial No: QP0371E1DNN
    Hard Drive, 1 TB, SATA, 3.5", 7200
    item number: 661-5517
    Issue: Hard drive fails smart status test
    Steps to Reproduce: MRI diagnostics shows failed smart status
    Proposed Resolution: Replace hard drive, ordering in part for customer

    i live in guelph. if you are serious i would totally get to toronto and bring beers with me.
  7. TinanaBoa

    TinanaBoa DARKLY Regular

    Well thats good news if you are able to get into the system and use it.
    The smart status is an early warning system so if you can buy a replacement HD before it fails.
    Here are a couple on sale, might luck out on free shipping.

    Once you get the drive, you'll have to make a clone of the current hard drive so you won't have to reinstall the OS.
    Cloning the drive is a little difficult with your Imac because it only has one drive slot.
    So you'll need to buy a usb-sata connector to attach your new drive to the Imac.
    Here is one that is Mac compatible & you can use it for an external back up for the existing drive instead of throwing it away.
    So connect the new drive to the dock and usb cable to your Imac and follow this guide

    Download CarbonCopyCloner -- you can use it free for 30 days.

    Once you have the dock, and the new drive, do this:
    Put the bare drive into the dock, connect it to the iMac, power-up.
    Launch Disk Utility and initialize the new drive. It should now mount on the desktop.

    Launch CCC.
    On the left, choose your source drive (iMac internal).
    On the right, choose your target drive (WD).
    Choose to backup everything.
    (NOTE: if you use a version of the OS that has a "recovery partition", go to CCC's preferences to choose whether or not to clone the recovery partition first).

    Let CCC do it's thing.

    When finished, TEST YOUR CLONE by doing this:
    - Restart
    - As soon as you hear the startup sound, hold down the option key and KEEP HOLDING IT DOWN
    - In a few moments, the startup manager will appear
    - Use the pointer to select your external drive, then hit return
    - The iMac should boot from the external cloned drive
    - When you get to the finder, VERIFY that you are booted from the clone by checking "About this Mac" under the Apple menu.

    If all looks good, you have created a fully-bootable clone -- an exact copy of your internal drive. That's what you need.

    Once the cloning is finished, you will want to remove the old drive and install the new one.
    Follow this guide.

    Good luck.
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  8. swan

    swan DARKLY Regular

    that is good stuff, however you should know that my mac is toast already, won't get past the boot up screen. so most of that seems impossible at this time. good to know for future reference, though.
  9. TinanaBoa

    TinanaBoa DARKLY Regular

    :no:You are dead to me!!

    Kidding aside, just order the hard drive and follow the guide to install it and reinstall your OS with the install disks.
    Too bad you couldn't clone though.
  10. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    This. Without the tool, it's a cunt to get that screen off...

    Also, there's many ways you could get data off that drive. Your iMac is worth way more than $500, dead-drive or not. You could put a new drive in there and sell it for $800 at least.
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