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Modern day Slavery in Middle East

Discussion in 'Serious F'n Business' started by TinanaBoa, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. TinanaBoa

    TinanaBoa DARKLY Regular

    Saudi Arabia was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

    Here is a translation of the dialogue in the video:
    Saudi #1: "How did you obtain this phone?"
    Saudi #1 screams: "GET YOUR HANDS DOWN."
    Saudi #1 says again: "How did you obtain this phone?"
    Worker: "I found it <somewhere>, it was broken anyway"
    Worker says in a pity voice: "You can check it yourself, it's broken."
    Saudi #1: "Where did you find it?"
    Worker: "<some> house". I couldn't catch it, sorry.
    Saudi #1 asks about whom did he call with the phone: "Did you call my Madam? Did you tell her you're Saudi?"
    "madam" could either be a reference to a maid or one of the Saudis' women(wife, sister, etc.).
    Saudi #2: "Do you want to be killed?".. Then he spits on the Worker's face.
    Saudi #2 says, after spitting, a common Saudi phrase that basically means: "Fuck you and your family".
    Saudi #1 says twice, in extreme rage: "It's my fault for letting you do that." Then he beings to beat the Worker.
    Saudi #1 says, while beating the Worker: "SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN I SAID", in response to the Worker's resistance.
    Worker starts begging for his life: "Papa! Papa!"; then he begins to scream in pain while Saudi #1 is beating him.
  2. TinanaBoa

    TinanaBoa DARKLY Regular

    And this is an example of how they behave in the UN council.
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  3. Hotshot.exe

    Hotshot.exe DARKLY Regular

    Presented above are scumbags of earth.
  4. everyth1ng

    everyth1ng DARKLY Regular

    What a fucking joke...

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up for something like this, though. That needs to be said.
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  5. swan

    swan DARKLY Regular

    what a disruptive little shit. surprised he didn't start crying. how did they even end up on this council to begin with?
  6. TinanaBoa

    TinanaBoa DARKLY Regular

    Supposedly the interpreter was being very diplomatic as the Saudi representative was "demanding" they "shut her up".

    Here is a video of Arab Prince Issa [he's the brother of the present ruler of Abu Dhabi, the Emir Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan] as he tortures a man.
    In April 2009, an abridged version of the tape was posted by ABC News.[14][15] In the video, taken at some time in 2005,[7] shows Issa beating another man, an Afghan grain merchant called Mohammed Shah Poor, with a wooden plank with protruding nails, firing an automatic weapon into the sand around him and forcing a cattle prod into his anus before turning it on.[7] Prior to the abuse, the video allegedly shows a man in Abu Dhabi police uniform- but without his equipment belt, tying the victim's arms and legs; at a later point, Issa urges the cameraman to move in closer with the words, "Get closer. Get closer. Get closer. Let his suffering show." [7] The victim also appeared to have been run over by a Mercedes SUV, have lighter fluid poured on his genitals and set alight,[7] and had salt poured on his wounds. In the end of the video, two other police officers can be seen posing alongside a fully marked ministry departmental vehicle. It is not known if the vehicle registration on the departmental vehicle and the SUV were ever cross checked to authenticate the involvement of the Sheikh and the government[7][16]

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This thread is more than 365 days old.

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