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    Original thread credit goes to @Gatherix, thanks buddy.

    This thread should be read to clarify the guidelines that should be followed when posting ban requests.
    It should be noted that you can also use our in game report function to call admins, an in depth tutorial here
    • Post in the correct section. The other "Ban Requests" section is exclusively for Toronto Darkly, the Counter-Strike division of DGN.
    • Make sure the person you are reporting is breaking some sort of server rule before reporting. You can find the DGN server rules here and TF2 specific rules here
    • Use the format exactly as outlined in the tutorial below; the placement should be the same, there shouldn't be random, added sections, etc
    • Witnesses are not evidence. They will not be accepted as support for a report and are irrelevant; therefore, don't include them in the report (an exception applies for regular ban reports and only applies to Mods/Admins).
    • If you are not directly involved with a report (that is, if you're not a witness, the accused, or filing the report), do not post in the report. This includes +1's, opinions, etc. An exception applies only if you have further evidence applicable to the report or are directly responding to a comment targeted at you.
    • Chat logs cannot be copy/pasted. If you wish to include a chat log / conversation in your report as evidence, it must be a screenshot. If the chat logs you wish to include are found in the player's chat history on gameMe, simply post a link; only copy/paste it's necessary to point to specific parts of the chat history.
    • Screenshots should be inserted directly or embedded into the report, not provided via an external link to another site.
    • Do not post phishing reports unless the phishing has taken place on Darkly's servers. Use the report function on the user's steam profile to report those who add you randomly to phish you.


    Use THIS FORMAT for TF2 reports
    Reports not following this format will be denied or ignored at the discretion of the staff member handling the report. Make sure you have all of your evidence together before you submit your request.

    In the subject line:
    Ban Request - Name

    In the thread body:
    • Precise Date, Time (+Your Timezone, CST, PST, etc.) and Location (Server) or Link to current ban
    • Full details of what happened
    • Evidence (In the form of preferably Demos, but Screenshots, etc...links to it)
    • Their SteamID - (You can use the SteamRep for this if it's easier, just copy and paste the SR block)

    This will make it easier for us to streamline and accept/deny ban requests/reports. It also saves us from having to hunt you down and give you aids for making us do work for you.

    A good example of a ban request can be found here

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