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  1. Guest, we are looking for good Team Fortress 2 Trade Server Staff Members

    TF2 Staff Members have access to in-game administrative abilities to aid in server control, and help in the development of Darkly TF2 as a whole

DENIED Lunarium's Mod/Admin Application

Discussion in 'TF2 Staff Applications' started by Lunarium Şcratchεs, Jun 1, 2014.

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  1. Lunarium Şcratchεs

    Lunarium Şcratchεs I'm New Here

    Game Handle(s): Lunarium Şcratchεs™ (MTMS)
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:47648601
    Previous Clan/Community affiliations: MTMS ( Multi Tanks Maximum Spawn )
    Real First Name: Austin
    Age: 16
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Which DARKLY TF2 servers do you play on: Tf2 Trader servers # 2,4
    Why do you want to be a DARKLY TF2 Admin: I Like to keep order and Peace between Players, Insuring everyone is Having fun and Enjoying The full Experience of the Darkly Servers.

    YES/NO Questions:

    Do you have a minimum of 1 month on the server with at least 60 hours of play? Yes
    Do you have a mic? Yes
    Are you in good standing with the community? Yes
    Are you at least 18 years of age? No
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TF2 Staff

    I haven't really seen you before and I'm a regular on Darkly. I suggest you server hop a little bit and get yourself known. Good luck my friend!

    Vote: +0
  3. DARKLY | Pixar's Ham

    DARKLY | Pixar's Ham DARKLY Regular

    Same as Matthew, I haven't seen you on the servers before. Don't have an opinion yet, staying neutral.
  4. Stan Radner

    Stan Radner DARKLY Regular

    Who are you?
  5. Mizz

    Mizz DARKLY Fiend

    who are you?
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  6. Stan Radner

    Stan Radner DARKLY Regular

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  7. DARKLY | Pixar's Ham

    DARKLY | Pixar's Ham DARKLY Regular

    Who are you?
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  8. Cmp™

    Cmp™ Retired Scrub

    Instead of just asking "Who are you?," please try to give some actual constructive feedback. I'm not sure how many times it needs to be said, but if you guys want to mess with each other in a thread, go make a thread in the tf2 general section for that. Please stop turning mod apps into spam fests.

    Lunarium, I haven't seen you ingame myself, but I hope you stick around. Try making an introduction thread to get to know people here: http://darklygaming.com/forum/forums/hey-im-new-here.105/
  9. Tech45

    Tech45 Senior TF2 Admin

    Ugh, sorry again for Pure's posts on my part.

    Anyhow, I'd take Cmp's advice. If you feel strongly about helping the servers out, I'd suggest being active and making a name for yourself out there. Maybe work on your punctuation skills too =P
  10. Tick Tock Man

    Tick Tock Man Senior TF2 Admin Staff Member

    Hey Lunarium - been a while since I've seen you on the servers!

    You will need to spend more time on the servers and hang around the forums a bit - both so that the community can get to know you and so the Powers-That-Be are comfortable knowing you visit regularly enough to be aware of any rule or policy changes that might be posted here.

    I'll wait to add my vote until I see you around a bit more...
  11. Lunarium Şcratchεs

    Lunarium Şcratchεs I'm New Here

    Alright sorry for the late response guys but I've made a Hello message for you all to read ^__^ and I can admit I can get busy here and there but is always here to help when I can ^__^ you can usually find me in servers 2,3,4 (4 most often due to server 2 almost always being full :p) I'm on as often as possible ^__^ I'll see you there guys :D
  12. nb

    nb DARKLY Regular

    Hello there Lunarium! Try hopping to other servers such as #1, 3, and 5, as I look after those servers (#2 has too much Darkly staff in it, and #4 is abandoned, as that is what I heard), because I want to get to know you more, like I do with other players. Other than that, I have to stay neutral here. Stick around, and good luck!
  13. tarduare

    tarduare I'm New Here

    +1 I have seen Lunarium on the servers before and I think he would make a great mod/admin!
  14. E1ite

    E1ite DARKLY Regular

    Don't really know who you are and server 4 is a lost cause (or so I have heard).
  15. Lunarium Şcratchεs

    Lunarium Şcratchεs I'm New Here

    Hello Once again, I've been trying to make my equal share around the darkly servers, and due to the fact server #4 is a "lost cause" it still has its moment of being nearly if not filled up entirely. There I can't make a big impression due to the fact if most Mods/Admins don't go there, People have the feeling to be rude/hateful/racist and plenty of scams and sharks go underway there. I am doing my fair share to get around and meet other admins and mods to make a good Impression, So if anyone would like, Admins and Mods are more than welcome to add me for a short time and invite me to their game to talk and have fun and get to know me :) I'll be On the forums much more due to school being out here In Canada now so I can give the Darkly servers the attention they are looking for :) But thank you everyone for the support and the consideration of taking me into an interest for being a Mod/Admin

    I'll see you all around

  16. Mizz

    Mizz DARKLY Fiend

    We'll just secretly stalk you

    If we add you, you might act differently
  17. Lunarium Şcratchεs

    Lunarium Şcratchεs I'm New Here

    I would assure I Probably wouldn't but for that honest though I was thinking that was coming during my last post there. Though the offer is still up there, I am always me. But for those Mods/Admins who want to meet me and are not within the same time zone it will be a problem to make an impression. For that you must understand why the offer is out there. But I'm joining each server as I can, Each (besides #2) seems to never contain an Admin unless there is one to many in server 2. But If i was made the request to be met by and Mod/Admin it would make in impression. But I'll do my best to get around anyway, and I am sorry for those who haven't met me yet, It's all due to the fact of time zones or Daily responsibility's. Though I am interested In meeting more of you.

    I'll see you around

  18. Mizz

    Mizz DARKLY Fiend

    honestly think you are trying too hard to get the reputation lol
    +1 Playing with him right now. Haven't played with him before this.

    -Really knowledgeable about trading/darkly
    -Helpful/ friendly to everyone
    -Tries to enforce rules without going overboard
    -PLAYS ON #4

    I was stalking mod applicants lol
  19. Tech45

    Tech45 Senior TF2 Admin

    What? I go on there all the time
  20. Mizz

    Mizz DARKLY Fiend

    But no one wants to go there
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