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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Leroy, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. Leroy

    Leroy 2012 Troll of the Year

    So me, kicking it online, scrounging for scraps, and it literally just started raining money bags. Literally, not figuratively. Just spawn spawn spawn spawn spawn.

    I went from being a poor black hood, trying to make it in the world (black lives matter) to owning nearly every property, a good plated helicopter and a jet plane.

    Yay me!

    So yeah, tl;dr somebody glitched the game and Leroy profited. Massively, I think I got like 30 million, still have 4 mil left. Weee

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  2. DrUgZ

    DrUgZ TD Admin

    On 3 occasions I've killed both a hacker and the guy he was hooking up with monies falling and looted everything that was on the ground. i think the most i got was 1 million tho, the one time it was a bunch of spawned christmas trees! lol seriously tho hackers have ruined this game for me. I saved and saved and bought the tank, then when i kill a couple people hackers come and merc me instantly by bombing me inside from across the map. fucking rages me
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  3. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    Agreed, hax ruin it. That and I've done all the missions. All that team stuff is utter shyte.
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 365 days old.

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