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READ ME Game Server Rules

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals & Ban Requests' started by Darkly, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Darkly

    Darkly Gaming Network Staff Member

    Please read and follow these rules on our Servers. Be reminded that no one is exempt from following these rules, regardless of your position in the DARKLY community.

    1. No Cheating Or Use Of Exploits.

    This includes all hacks and cheats, phone or 3rd party communications ('ghosting'), skywalking, map exploits, or illegal scripts. There will be no tolerance for promotion of hacks or exploits. We are a zero tolerance community in regards to these things. If you are caught cheating there will be no appeal process, you will receive a permanent ban.​

    2. Disrespecting DARKLY will not be tolerated.

    Don't like our servers? Don't like the way the server is run or administrated? Then don't play here. Do not expect us to standby and let you badmouth our community, Admins, or players.​

    3. Discrimination, Racism, Or Sexism Will Not Be Tolerated.

    Show respect to all other players on the server.​

    4. Your Name And Your Tag Will Be Scrutinized.

    There will be no tolerance for names that glorify or promote the use of hacks, cheats, or racism. Names that advertise servers, IRC channels, Steam groups, and web sites of other communities or clans are not acceptable without permission.

    Additionally, players belonging to, or glorifying known trouble-making/hacking groups, clans, communities, and servers may be banned at anytime without warning. Example: myg0t. If you feel your ban was unwarranted, you may appeal here.​

    5. Community And Clan Advertising / Recruiting:

    DARKLY Gaming Network (DGN) servers and forums belong to DARKLY and its resident clan, Toronto Darkly (TD|). We do not allow any communities or clans to recruit or advertise on our servers or forums. DARKLY has built itself up since 2005 under its own strength without relying on having to steal players from other communities or servers.

    While we allow many communities and clans to play on our servers or use our forums, we will not tolerate anyone who abuses our hospitality. This includes advertising or recruiting on our forum, in-game on our servers, on our Mumble, in our Steam group, and through Steam messages to our players. Those caught doing so will receive a permanent ban.

    The only exception to this rule is if permission is granted to you by the DGN Staff and/or Toronto Darkly.

    6. Follow The Instructions Of The Admin(s).

    If an Admin instructs you to stop camping, plant the bomb, not team attack, swaps you to a different team, or not use a map exploit you must obey.

    If you have issues with what the admins are saying, or feel they are abusing their powers, please visit our forums and post your concerns. The DGN Staff will handle the situation.​

    7. No Microphone / Radio / Text Chat Spamming.

    Do not spam the mic during game play. During rounds, the mic should be used for tactical purposes related to the actual game. Leave the idle chit-chat for when you have died. Continually using radio commands to spam is also off limits.
    8. Keep Your Sprays Clean.

    The images you spray will be scrutinized. The following are NOT allowed on DARKLY servers:​
    • Images which could be considered racist, sexist, or bigotry.
    • Images that show fully nude males or females; intercourse.
    • Images depicting minors involved in sexual acts, or nude posing.
    • Images of Bestiality.
    • Images which could be considered anti-DARKLY.
    • Images advertising other clans, communities, servers, groups, or websites.
    Counter-Strike: Source / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Rules

    CS1. No Team Stacking / Unbalancing Teams

    If the teams are stacked, then make it right. Otherwise, an Admin will make it right for you. If you are switched by an Admin and return to your original team on purpose you will either be kicked or given a ban. Counter-Strike is a team game. Anti-team behavior is not welcome here.

    Also, please try to auto-select when joining a team. This will help prevent team stacking and also ensure that the side that needs a player gets a player.​

    CS2. Attempt To Accomplish Mission Objectives.

    If it is a defuse map: plant or defuse the bomb. If it is hostage map: rescue or guard the hostages. Do not waste the time of other players in order to save your weapons for the next round. Failure to at least make an attempt will be met with an appropriate action from an Admin.​

    CS3. Do Not Camp Unless It Assists You In Accomplishing Mission Objectives.

    Examples include Terrorists camping the hostages on cs_office, Counter-Terrorists guarding a dropped bomb on de_dust2.​

    CS4. No Intentional Team Attacking / Killing.

    Our servers have friendly fire turned on. Intentional team attacking or killing will be subject to punishment from Admins up to, and including, a permanent ban. If you accidentally attack or kill a teammate, show some manners and apologize. Let them know it was an accident and you regret it.​

    Team Fortress 2 - Trade Rules

    T1. Trade Scamming is Strictly Prohibited.

    Scamming is the act of committing fraud upon an individual for the purpose of personal gain.

    Do not attempt to scam any players out of their items or money. Scamming on any of DARKLY's Team Fortress 2 Trade/Idle servers will result in a permanent ban from all DARKLY servers.
    T2. No Sharking.

    Sharking is the act of targeting newer, uninformed players and uses deceptive tactics to convince or pressure the player into trading a high-value item for change a fraction of its value - is in all aspects considered scamming and will result in a ban.
    T3. In Regards to Gambling / Spycrabbing

    All forms of gambling, i.e. placing a wager upon a specified single or set of unoccured events, are considered financial obligations to the opposing party. Failure to meet these obligations is considered in all forms scamming and can result in a ban from DARKLY and/or a scammer tag on SteamRep. This includes Spycrab matches.

    All Spycrab matches are recommended to use a DARKLY Admin as a judge and middleman to prevent theft, loss of merchandise, and disruption. DARKLY cannot guarantee the safety of your merchandise without the use of a DARKLY Middleman. Contact an admin or type "!mm" to request a middleman.
    T4. Do Not Post Any External Links

    Do not post any links to outside webpages within the in-game chat or sprays. If you wish to share a link with someone, do so within a private chat or trade.
    T5. The Holding of Raffles

    Players who are not DARKLY admins, moderators, or Trusted Rafflers (as deemed by the DARKLY staff) may not host any raffles, giveaways, or lotteries with a buy-in or required deposit of merchandise from contestants without the direct approval of a DARKLY admin.

    If you suspect someone is cheating, please inform an Admin. You can address Admins privately by using "@" at the beginning of your message. The Admins will acknowledge you, then they will assess and deal with the situation. Please do not continue to tell the Admin that the person is cheating. Once we acknowledge your initial statement please continue with your game. If no Admin is available, please report the person in our forums, preferably with a demo.
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