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Game Handles - Where'd yours come from?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thanatos, Aug 4, 2014.

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  1. Narf!

    Narf! TD Admin

    Actually, you're called Leroy bc your old CS clan bailed on CS for WOW and so you named yourself Leroy due to the infamy of the name in that game.

    But mostly bc you're black.
  2. Shotgun Jesus

    Shotgun Jesus Professional Cocksucker Staff Member

    [20/20] Hugh Downs and some other friends were [20/20] Barbara Walters and [20/20] Diane Sawyer.

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  3. Leroy

    Leroy 2012 Troll of the Year

    ooooooooh yeah! That's right! How can you remember that? That's like 10 years ago? i'm guessing you've got pictures of me on your walls, old threads I've started lining the edges of your notebooks, sticky's with my best posts attached to your work monitor.... etc
  4. Steve

    Steve TD Admin | Bacon

  5. Narf!

    Narf! TD Admin

  6. Leroy

    Leroy 2012 Troll of the Year

    I used to go by [SP] Cockloaf, or The CZA.

    Fucking wow
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  7. Narf!

    Narf! TD Admin

    If it wasn't for WoW, you wouldn't have landed here in TD where you no longer had to pretend to be white, because we accept brack peepro
  8. zackychuu

    zackychuu TD Admin / Wanker

    I forgot about my Alt account: ElusiveKira.
    Comes from my favourite Anime, Deathnote.
    For those who haven't watched it, there is a character that goes by the name of Kira, meaning Killer when roughly translated from English to Japanese.
    The character is being hunted by another called L and is fairly "elusive".

    So it's kind of a double meaning. Either a straight reference to Deathnote and the character Kira, or I could be an Elusive Killer.

    TL;DR: I spent too long thinking about this name when making an alternate account.
  9. Mizz

    Mizz DARKLY Fiend

    Was: Mister [something] - don't remember second part
    Name was taken in some games so it turned into: Mizzterrr [something] - After changing it a bunch of times
    Then it got changed to Mizzterrr -> Mizz on forums -> MZ on steam

    I don't even know why this is my username. I think it's retarded but im too lazy to make a new one

    Go by AnRmr on other sites. Random letters from name
  10. Thanatos

    Thanatos TD Member

    AnRmr? Anal Reamer?
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  11. Rei

    Rei Senior TF2 Admin

    Wife tactics?

    Anyway I had an old username that I used to use but I changed to Rei-kun... and then Rei Because I guess I liked being called by just my first name more.... and people didn't know how to pronounce my old username. Guess that's it
  12. liqvid

    liqvid DARKLY Regular

    **Originally posted HERE**

    It comes from a time when I was making my first online alias. 15 years ago, the world was a different place... and stuff. My BFF got me Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War for my birthday. I was garbage at it, but liked playing anyway. Anywho, at some point I wanted to play online with my friend and needed to make a battle.net account. After struggling with a name for much too long, I basically gave up and just put Liquid, knowing that it was a really cheesey, trying-to-be-cool-but-failing-due-to-lack-of-originality kind of name. I just wanted to play already! However, to my great surprise, when I typed it the result was "Liqid"... Little did I know, that a day or two earlier, my Father spilled some Coke (the drink, silly) on the keyboard. The end result (I tested) was that around 13 keys were no longer working. the "U" key was one of them... I wasn't going to let that stop me though, so I just put a "V" instead, since it looked similar. Later, I grew to like the name because, said out loud, it sounded way more original then "Liquid" did and because, as far as I could tell, I was the only person on the planet who used the name, which made me feel special. =D

    Eventually, this website popped up and ruined my day, and since then many other people have used the alias on countless games. The uniqueness is gone now. I still use it out of habit and because I generally resist change and... frankly... don't know what else I'd call myself.

    TL;DR 'V' looks like 'U' and I was not a creative person 15 years ago.
  13. Leroy

    Leroy 2012 Troll of the Year

    <Read in Morgan Freemans Voice>
    Our history is long and storied, it is. Like Andy, we were brought together with pressure and time. That's all you need, really. Pressure and time.
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  14. Glocky

    Glocky Drinking your tears

    My current handle of Glocky or Gl0cky or even G|ocky is a derivative of my original CS1.0 name (circa Dec 2000).

    A friend and roommate introduced me to the game, and I sucked, partly due to my 2MB or 4MB onboard video card or something shitty like that. So I asked what the worst gun in the game was... the answer "Glock" then I noticed at the start of every round, the game would same "Lock and load" so I made a pun... Glocknload.

    I think I bought a 64 or 128MB AGP video card and things improved immensely, but the name had already stuck.
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  15. Slawek

    Slawek TD Admin

    I was like 10, my bro was into computers before I was and told me about online handles and that I should come up with one. I took a dictionary and flipped to a page, got Alpha. Flipped to another, got Rage. Added them together. Eventually I just shortened it to aR.
  16. zackychuu

    zackychuu TD Admin / Wanker

    What about Slawek?
  17. Slawek

    Slawek TD Admin

    That's my first name lol
  18. zackychuu

    zackychuu TD Admin / Wanker

    Ah. Well don't I feel silly now.
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  19. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    BCC all day. OGC, Heltah Skeltah, Cocoa Brothers... You know. The gun clap.
  20. up-n-atom

    up-n-atom DARKLY Regular

    It's a pun on my first name with a little irony and has no relation to the Simpsons Rainier Wolfcastle's Radioactive Man
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