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Discussion in 'TF2 Donators' started by Darkly, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Darkly

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    The Darkly Gaming Network
    TF2 Premium & Donations
    Donate to Darkly and receive Premium, a bundle of features of perks
    you can use in-game.

    Each donation earns you credits, which you can exchange for Premium.
    Just type !credits in-game to get started.
    You can also donate with money.
    1 Key = 1000 Credits
    $5 = 3000 Credits
    $6 = 3000 Credits plus Custom Tag
    (See Tick Tock Man for details)

    Any non-key/non-metal items donated will be given away in a free server event, raffle, or giveaway.

    To donate with keys and metal, just click the picture below to add the donation bot!
    If you're in-game, type !credits or /buy instead.

    If the above is offline, add me and leave a comment:
    To donate with money:

    IMPORTANT: Follow ALL steps
    1. Register on the forums if you have not already, and log into your forum account
    2. Go to the donation page (this is a link!)
    3. Include your SteamID in the notes (see bottom for instructions)

    For help on using your premium, go the HOWTO post.

    The Premium FAQ provies more detail on Premium, including how it affects Store

    How to get your SteamID/Steam Profile

    Click on your profile picture on your Steam Friends list. Once that loads, right click anywhere on the page and select "Copy Page URL". Then right click in the Notes box on the Donation page and hit "Paste"
    If you're still confused, try using this video as a guide.

    Note that you don't need to know your Steam ID or Steam Profile if you are donating with keys.
    Please note that donating does not in any way or form exempt a user from regular server policies. Additionally, DGN is not responsible for client-side errors that may impede the function of donator perks. Refunds cannot be awarded.
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