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READ ME Darkly TF2 Rules and Policies

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Gatherix, Jul 14, 2014.

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  1. Gatherix

    Gatherix Death by Darkly

    Updated 2017 by Tick Tock Man:

    Below is a comprehensive list of Darkly TF2 server rules and policies. Please note that these rules apply exclusively to Darkly TF2 servers, and at any time the list may be changed. If you have any questions regarding Darkly TF2 rules and guidelines, post a reply below.

    Rules will not be enforced in all circumstances - with the exception of rules regarding scamming.

    Rules and Regulations
    These rules apply to all players at all times. While all rules can be circumstantial, players are expected to uphold these rules regardless of status and staff will immediately respond to violations.

    ~ Non-staff may not enforce server rules - let staff handle situations and disruptive players
    Situations requiring attention by a staff member should be handled only by staff members, not regular players. If you perceive a player to be breaking the rules, ask him/her to stop; if he/she refuses, report the player/contact a staff member, nothing more. Do not attempt to handle such situations, threaten users with administrative action by yourself or staff members, or in any way suggest you hold any authority over other players. No player receives favor and/or priority over another.

    ~ Follow staff instruction
    To resolve issues and do their jobs of maintaining the server, staff members may issue instructions to players to stop doing something, et cetera. Players must follow these instructions. If you believe a staff member to be issuing biased/unwarranted instructions, to be making erroneous/unfair judgements, or to be using their administrative status in an annapropriate manner, type !submit to report him/her, or contact me via a PM on the forums.

    ~ No use of hacks or cheats

    ~ No advertising

    This includes web links in chat, sprays, or your name, advertising other websites/groups/servers over mic, or any other instances of public, encouraged recognition of third-party and/or competing websites, communities, servers, etc, at the discretion of Darkly staff members.

    ~ No spamming

    This includes occupying the mic for long periods of time, repeatedly posting long messages in chat with the intention of inhibiting the visibility of other players' messages, adding or trading random players on the server to buy or sell items, and duplicate, consecutive chat posts.

    ~ No scamming

    Scamming is the act of committing fraud upon an individual for the purpose of personal gain. Any acts of scamming will result in permanent bans on all Darkly servers and you may be reported to SteamRep.

    ~ No begging or asking for free items

    ~ No pornographic or otherwise vulgar sprays

    Sprays are considered pornographic/vulgar when they contain: full nudity; intercourse; bestiality; minors in sexually suggestive poses; material considered severely racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory.

    ~ No soliciting middleman services

    Non-staff members may not offer to be a middleman on any transactions; the parties involved in the transaction must approach the player first.

    ~ No racism/discrimination

    Again, common sense is the winning trait here. Complaints from other players should be immediately heeded. "N*gg*r" and "f*gg*t" are generally frowned upon.

    ~ Do not impersonate staff members

    ~ Do not host raffles/events with buy-ins

    Non-staff players may not host raffles or any other server event that have a mandatory buy-in or offer any perk for players paying any kind of fee. Advertising such an event that takes place on a different server is considered advertising and is also a rule violation.

    ~ Do not abuse (spam) the !report and !submit commands

    ~ Do not falsely accuse players of sharking or scamming

    Public accusations of a player engaging in sharking or scamming must be legitimate and follow the necessary criteria of sharking and scamming (see "Someone sharked/scammed on the server!" in the FAQ). Low offers ('lowballs') are not scamming/sharking

    ~ Chill the fuck out

    Other Policies

    ~ Spawn camping and killing 'friendlies'
    Spawn camping and killing players being 'friendly' are entirely permissible; players may kill whomever they like.

    ~ Spycrabs
    Players may spycrab however they like; the rules, middleman (if any), and wagers are entirely determined by the participants. However, all involved parties must agree to the terms, and must do so in-chat. No player may be forced to play by certain rules or be forced to use a middleman. If a dispute arises, any rules not agreed upon by all parties in chat are supplemented by the default rules, which are as follows:
    - The players must taunt consecutively or simultaneously, taunting an equal number of times.
    - Each spycrab taunt qualifies as one 'crab'. If a player obtains three crabs, they are disqualified.
    - The last remaining player wins all wagers. If the last remaining players are disqualified simultaneously, none are disqualified and play continues as normal.
    - Switching weapons, crouching, jumping, or disguising count as one crab each. Self-inflicted horizontal movement results in disqualification.

    ~ Middlemen
    Anyone may middleman for any transaction provided all involved parties agree upon the middleman. Non-staff players may not solicit middleman services, however they can be approached by the involved parties (see "No soliciting middleman services" under Rules and Guidelines for details).


    If you have any questions, you can post them below as replies to this thread.

    ~ Someone sharked/scammed on the server!
    Scammer accusations must meet SteamRep's requirements of scamming; the player must have attempted to steal an item from a player by not providing the original agreed-upon amount. Low offers do not constitute scamming. If you have been scammed, file a scammer report on the Darkly forums and report them in-game with !report

    Sharking requires repeated targeting of new and/or uninformed players, and purchasing high-value items from said individuals at extremely low prices. A player must successfully do this, often doing so repeatedly and taking the initiative, to be correctly labeled as sharking. Low offers and getting 'deals' do not constitute sharking.

    ~ Can I host a raffle/event?
    If the event has no required buy-in and you do not profit from it, absolutely! Buy-ins are permitted, but they must be optional; they cannot be required. If you receive donations as a result of hosting such an event, the donated items must be used for another event on a Darkly server, donated to another event on Darkly, or donated to Darkly directly; you cannot pocket the donations as personal profit.

    With rare exceptions, staff members may not grant you permission to host a for-profit raffle/event. Please note that staff members may host raffles/events with buy-ins, for-profit or otherwise. You can verify they're administrative status by typing !admins.

    ~ A staff member made an unfair judgement.
    Tell the staff member that you believe the judgement to be unfair, and discuss it with them. Ultimately, though, you must respect a staff member's judgement. If you believe him/her to be using his/her administrative status and abilities inappropriately, or to be abusing their abilities, type !submit or contact me via a forum private message.

    ~ I'm from xyz community and I/we think you guys are dicks
    Good. We think you're dicks too. Let's have a dick party.

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
  2. E1ite

    E1ite DARKLY Regular

    Oh my lord finally!!!

    Thank you gatherix!
  3. Fiend

    Fiend Senior TF2 Admin

    Now there is zero excuse for people not knowing the rules and us not enforcing them properly.

    It also clears up the enforcement of any "fake" rules that were being addressed in the past.
  4. Sir X:

    Sir X: TF2 Staff | UberLag

    Thanks for the rules update Gatherix
  5. DarkPaladinPrime

    DarkPaladinPrime TF2 Staff

    Thanks man, we needed an updated list of the rules.
  6. HappySticks™

    HappySticks™ TD Admin

    Never knew we had rules.

  7. Rams

    Rams TD Admin

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  8. Leroy

    Leroy 2012 Troll of the Year

    I has stupid.

    What does this do?
    ~ Do not use the Meet the Medic taunt in water
  9. Gatherix

    Gatherix Death by Darkly

    Plays this sound at a flat volume to everyone on the server - supposedly it's from all the doves hitting the water at once, not sure if that's completely true though.

  10. Haze

    Haze Senior TF2 Admin

    I hate this noise soooooo much
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  11. Rams

    Rams TD Admin

    why not just take out the water ?
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