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CSGO Server Refresh

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (RIP)' started by tytanium, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. tytanium

    tytanium TD Admin

    Hey guys. Thank you to the person(s) who "refreshed" the server. No lag spikes. Very little choke with 32 players. There is still a significant drop in server fps (tick).
  2. everyth1ng

    everyth1ng DARKLY Regular

    Yeah, guys, thanks for doing this, but the FPS issues remain.
  3. cujo

    cujo A Little Darkly

    I just connected a few minutes ago and noticed no difference what-so-ever. Still random hitches and lag spikes, still sv drops and var spikes. I'd love to come back to Darkly but at this point the 64tic Valve comp servers are smoother.
  4. everyth1ng

    everyth1ng DARKLY Regular

    What is the server side frame rate capped at, if you guys don't mind me asking?
  5. Macido

    Macido DARKLY Regular

    Servers been feeling good for about 5 nights straight, is TD doing the daily refresh? sounds like a lot of work
    Rex I believe the fps is 100% dependent on your computer hardware. The server does not "run" your game's graphics.
    Am I wrong?
  6. everyth1ng

    everyth1ng DARKLY Regular

    The reason why I'm calling into question the server is because I'm constantly seeing unstable sv and var in net_graph that seems to correspond with dips in frame rate. I can go into another server with the same amount of players, the same map, and the same location on the map, and get a better frame rate. And from how I understand it, there's server side frame rate and then there's client side frame rate. Both are crucial for good performance. Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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  7. Brades

    Brades Bailer Staff Member

    I think server side framerate is locked to server tickrate... at least it used to be that way in orangebox games.
  8. shoottomaim

    shoottomaim BANNED

    CS:GO is much better than before ^-^. Scheduled restarts mayb?
  9. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

    The drop of rate that is sometimes experienced is caused by the server running at 100% on it's dedicated core. The higher the tickrate, the higher the load. And since we cannot run the server on multiple cores, it maxes out when the server is busy causing just that. Maybe we can recompile the kernel to handle that. Not sure.
    One thing is for sure, this does not happen at 66tick as the load on the core doesn't reach 100% on 66tick when the server is full.

    Leroy wanna recompile the kernel?

    Posted using dat Q10
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  10. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    If only source/tf2:go would allow multi-core :feelscry:
  11. everyth1ng

    everyth1ng DARKLY Regular

    Thanks for explaining, Low Budget. That makes a lot of sense.
  12. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

    I even tried setting highest priority for the csgo pub process and it did not help. It's sad that they wont let us use multiple cores. If we could allocate two cores to the process, it would run as smooth as 47 's buttcheeks.
  13. everyth1ng

    everyth1ng DARKLY Regular

    I don't really know much about running a server, but what if you guys overclocked the CPU? I know that you guys have a beast running the server, but it's obviously being under utilized by the Source engine. I'm aware that you guys are going to be stuck with the same architecture unless you decide to buy new hardware (which I'm NOT suggesting that you should do), but maybe increasing the clock speed of the CPU would help...
  14. MetalLobster

    MetalLobster TD Admin

    You run the risk of having stability issues when you overclock anything. Any kind of OC needs lots of testing, especially for a machine running 24/7. It's very unfortunate the source engine doesn't allow multithreading.
  15. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

    Fresh Install tonight. Feedback on performance/issues would be appreciated.
    I still think recompiling the kernel is the only way to completely fix this issue. We have a powerful box, the overall load is low, it's the one core running the server hitting 100% at times causing problems.

    HELP! I have no idea how to do this or I would have done it already. :feelscry:
  16. cujo

    cujo A Little Darkly

    If 66tic doesn't max out the CPU then how does the var and sv problem still happen as it did when you guys run 66tic? Also, abm runs 30 man with mods and it's solid. I guess they have a better CPU?

    I hopped on for a bit tonight while on aztec and same problem still. It's unplayable for me. var and sv hitting yellow cause hitching constantly.

    Edit - even abm is having problems tonight but it's still overall better.
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  17. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

  18. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

    It did not happen when we temporarily set it to 64tic. The box is solid, overall load is fine. I just think the kernel is not optimized for CSGO. Other communities have also been experiencing this with >24 player servers.
  19. everyth1ng

    everyth1ng DARKLY Regular

    I played for about an hour and a half today, and it felt about the same as before. Very unstable sv and var, but no choke. I don't recall getting a -100 frame rate at any point, but the game felt sluggish the entire time (like before). It wasn't too long ago, though, when I was never dipping below 120FPS on most of the maps with 32 players (with de_nightfever and cs_militia being the exceptions).

    And regarding the time when the server was 64 tick, hit reg was questionable, but mouse sensitivity was more consistent and less sluggish for me (because the server had less load to handle).
  20. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    This makes no sense on many levels, I'm afraid to say. We can't overclock rented hardware, also it would make little to no difference. The architecture of the cpu is less than a year old. That's like upgrading an i5-2500K to an i5-3570K = no difference.

    Two things people have to learn and accept - 32+players should run on 64-tick (used to be 66-tick); Source/GO does not support multicore server-side. Our source servers always ran 66-tick (as suggested by valve and all other successful gaming communities), and we ran the #1 server in canada for years. Go comes out, people hear of 128-tick and start jizzing everywhere. Higher tick =/= better gameplay. Sure, if the current tick-rate is 32-tick, then yes, a higher tick-rate would be great. But at 64-tick, you're not losing anything.

    Small scrim servers, ok, should be 128-tick. High-player count pubs have always been configured differently than private little scrim servers because scrim servers aim to be more like a LAN experience. What most people fail to realize is that you flat-out cannot achieve a LAN experience with such a high-player count. It doesn't come down to any one variable like hardware, connection, engine etc. but everything together.

    I hate to sound like I'm arguing, but I assure you I'm not. I only intend to stress some things that may be overlooked as people chase the unncessary higher number.
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