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Complete List of Roll the Dice Effects (!rtd)

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Stan Radner, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. Stan Radner

    Stan Radner DARKLY Regular

    Are you one of those players that constantly uses the !rtd command in-game hoping to get a kick ass effect like noclip or godmode? Trying to get a supportive effect such as instant sentry or dispenser pop-up to help out your team? Or do you just hope for the most annoying effects possible such as toxic and scary bullets to piss off the opposing team? Whatever the case may be I have posted here a complete list of effects as well as the description of them so you know exactly what you are getting when you roll the dice!

    * This information was taken straight from the developer's plugin page. Some of these effects may have been omitted from the servers.

    Good Effects:
    • godmode - Invulnerability to bullets, falling, and map traps.
    • toxic - Your horrible breath kills anyone near you.
    • lucky sandvich - An instant health boost and the next shot will be a crit. Good luck!
    • faster speed - Faster move speed.
    • noclip - Fly through and walls and terrorize the other team.
    • low gravity - Lower gravity than everyone else.
    • unlimited uber - A couple seconds of uber to show the other team who's boss.
    • invisibility - Now you see me - now you don't. Go invisible - even to sentries!
    • cloak - Your spy watch won't run out for the duration of this effect.
    • crits - Constant crits without the requirement of hacks!
    • infinite ammo - No need to reload - we've got you covered!
    • scary bullets - Any players you hurt become scared like tiny babies.
    • instant sentry - Point at a spot and call for a medic to spawn a sentry.
    • homing projectiles - Rockets/arrows/flares will fly at enemies to save the bother the aiming.
    • instant charge - Your sniper rifle and bow charge up instantly.
    • dispenser pop-up - Point at a spot and call for a medic to spawn a dispenser. Stays after the effect has ended.
    • infinite double jump - The scout is no longer limited by 2 or 3 jumps.
    • instant kills - Bringin' it back, any damage you cause is fatal!
    • tiny player - You have shrunk! Use this advantage to sneak past the enemy.
    Bad Effects:
    • explode - Sorry, you exploded where you stood. Just bad luck.
    • snail - Your move speed is slowed. Might win in a race against a cozy camper sniper.
    • frozen - All movement is frozen and you become an ice sculpture.
    • timebomb - You have seconds to live. Run towards the other team to deal damage when you die.
    • spontaneous combustion - Surprise, you're on fire!
    • low health - All your health is gone. Where did it go?
    • drugged - Flashes of color and tilted vision overtake your screen to distract you.
    • blind - Who turned the lights out?
    • stripped to melee - You lose your primary and secondary weapons.
    • beacon - An energy ring and pinging sound let the enemy know where you are.
    • taunt - You can't stop taunting.
    • nostalgia - Black and white vision.
    • earthquake - A rumble shakes your screen and affects those around you.
    • funny feeling - Increases your FOV to 160. Woooah..
    • mystery sauce - You are covered in jarate and milk and bleeding out.
    • big head - Hey big head!
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  2. Matthew

    Matthew TF2 Staff

    Why is Earthquake in the 'Bad Effects' it's literally the best effect!:hurrr:
    Stan Radner likes this.
  3. Stan Radner

    Stan Radner DARKLY Regular

    Not sure...it's what the developers put it in. But probably because it annoys the living hell out of other people.
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  4. Matthew

    Matthew TF2 Staff

    Especially during a mass spy crab -_-
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  5. Stan Radner

    Stan Radner DARKLY Regular

    "Everyone please step away from the spy crabs...we cannot have any distra-"
    *Someone rolls earthquake*
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  6. Matthew

    Matthew TF2 Staff

    You nailed it my friend! Haha
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  7. Stan Radner

    Stan Radner DARKLY Regular

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  8. Cmp™

    Cmp™ Retired Scrub

    *Someone rolls earthquake*

    Every sniper on that team:
    "Yeah, don't mind me! It's not like I'm trying to aim or anything!"

    Stan Radner, zackychuu and Matthew like this.
  9. Matthew

    Matthew TF2 Staff

    Another GREAT situation! XD
  10. Stan Radner

    Stan Radner DARKLY Regular

    This is the reason why I have to use the Machina for bodyshots.

    No I just suck at sniping.
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