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Can someone help me out?

Discussion in 'Trade Discussion' started by beebop, Jul 18, 2014.

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  1. beebop

    beebop A Little Darkly

    I need some profit (like most people do). But I want to know the fastest way to make profit. Should I quick buy stranges, gens, vintages? I heard quickbuying bp's is a good way to make profit, but idk.
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  2. DARKLY | Pixar's Ham

    DARKLY | Pixar's Ham DARKLY Regular

    Just buy anything that you can find that's lower and sell it for it's price or higher.
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  3. LaughingNipple

    LaughingNipple A Little Darkly

    Well the point of trading is simply building up, or getting what you want. Taking advantage of trading websites such as Outpost, Backpack.tf and other sites like that. Though be weary of phishers and stay safe!
  4. Cazador

    Cazador I'm New Here

    what he said
  5. nb

    nb DARKLY Regular

    Really, get pure (a whole lot of it), and quick buy bps, High tier items/unusuals, and bulk low-tier items. Metal is in high demand right now, and some people would do anything to get pure.
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  6. Tech45

    Tech45 Senior TF2 Admin

    Could always buy trading cards like the rest of Darkly xd
  7. HappySticks™

    HappySticks™ TD Admin

    Just scam. All the cool kids do it.
  8. Dan!

    Dan! DARKLY Regular

    Ask the dj on fragradio and maybe he will shoutout you and your trade. :sofunny:
  9. E1ite

    E1ite DARKLY Regular

    Buy low sell high, always quick buy, NEVER PAY THE B/O, find desperate people, and be lucky. Also don't uncrate, ever, no matter what, ever, at all.
  10. Rei

    Rei Senior TF2 Admin

    True dat. Bought some of the new taunts that are 1 key each for a ref each; Quick profit. Also bought 10 or so 6 ref hats for the same price. Just have to know prices and get lucky.
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  11. Mizz

    Mizz DARKLY Fiend

    sell everything and donate metal / keys to darkly
  12. E1ite

    E1ite DARKLY Regular

    Also, when there is an update or hype for something that is when you need to sell it. For example, when the new taunts came out I sold the conga for 5 keys! It is now worth ~3 keys! So I can buy it back and still have made 2 keys. Use update hype to your advantage.
  13. nb

    nb DARKLY Regular

    Also start bulking up for festive stuff for Christmas during summer, and summer stuff during Christmas. Seasonal items drop ALOT when they aren't in season.
  14. DARKLY | Pixar's Ham

    DARKLY | Pixar's Ham DARKLY Regular

  15. DarkPaladinPrime

    DarkPaladinPrime TF2 Staff

    I have been trading for like a year and I still have never found the best way to do it. I got in to trading so I could get the items I want not really to make profit. Best advice is trying to get everything at a discounted price as well as stay from the "cancer" unusuals and gifted items.
  16. Matthew

    Matthew TF2 Staff

    There is no "best" way of selling things on tf2 the prices always change there will not be a steady price and there in my opinion will never be a "best" way of trading.
  17. DARKLY | Pixar's Ham

    DARKLY | Pixar's Ham DARKLY Regular

  18. Sir X:

    Sir X: TF2 Staff | UberLag

    In my opinion, best way of trading in TF2 and make profit is to spend your Metal/Keys/Buds on item you REALLY want. Don't go out and buy stuff you know you won't use. It builds up pure slowly but surely. Another good way to get rich in a semi-quick way to to craft weapons together and build up Metal from there. As for saving up keys, just buy some from the TF2 store/Steam Market, save up a few, and unbox 1 or 2 A MONTH, and there ya go. Now for buying quicksell backpacks, your on your own I'm afraid, because for 1:I don't even have the pure to buy backpacks to begin with, and secondly, as stated before, I only buy items that I know I like/enjoy OR with the exception of an item that would look great in my TF2 item collection. That's just my way of making profit in TF2, but everybody was their way of making profit.

    I beg to differ Matthew. Just unbox a Burning Flames Killer Exclusive and go from there.
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  19. DARKLY | Pixar's Ham

    DARKLY | Pixar's Ham DARKLY Regular

    Not that I disagree since I do the same thing, but...
  20. Rei

    Rei Senior TF2 Admin

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